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This well-researched anthology by author Ngo The Vinh is a literary historiography of South Vietnam during the 1954 – 1975 period, an era that is often considered a golden age of Vietnamese literature. The anthology profiles 16 writers and artists, and 2 outstanding educators, who had collectively made extraordinary contributions to the social, intellectual and cultural lives of South Vietnamese prior to 1975 and the Vietnamese diaspora community post 1975. Through this anthology, readers will get acquainted with the journey of life and work of those literary giants who have left their iconic marks in South Vietnam that had existed for merely two decades. This book by itself represents an important contribution to the long lasting preservation of the very essence of the South Vietnamese literature for future generations

Art Cover by Hoàng Ngọc Biên; Việt Ecology Press
ISBN 978-1976114472 color version: 978-1978108042 black & white version
Phát hành tháng 10, 2017,  Việt Ecology Press, and Bookstores
P.O. Box 3893, Seal Beach, CA 90740

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